Welcome to the latest batch of sounds spanning the spectrum. Some are more pervasive than others and that should become apparent as you browse through each of the coloured excerpts that follow. But remember, they can only serve as a guide to further scrutiny. Open your eyes and ears then cast your own judgement.



Akron: “Il Tempio Di Ferro” CD
Black Widow Records 2003

BART DE PAEPE: “Pagus Wasiae” LP
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond (2018)

Carlton Melton “Pass It On…”
Mid-To-Late Records 2009

Dantesco: De La Mano De La Muerte” CD
Khaosmaster Productions 2005

Dawnrider: “The Third Crusade” CD
Raging Planet / At War With False Noise 2014

Metal On Metal Records 2019

Minotauri: “Minotauri” CD
Black Widow Records 2004

Mortalicum: “Tears From The Grave” CD
Metal On Metal Records 2014

Nomad Son: The Darkening CD
Metal On Metal Records 2013

ORTHODOXY: “Ater Ignis” LP
The Sinister Flame 2022

Owl Glitters: “Alchemical Tones” CD
Heart & Crossbone Records 2014

Cimmerian Shade / Argonauta 2016

Reverend Bizarre: “Slice Of Doom” CD
Psychedoomelic Records 2004

SACRAL NIGHT: “Ancient Remains” CD
Metal On Metal Records 2019

Stonegriff: “Prologus Magicus ” CD
Metal On Metal Records 2013

The Angry Host: “The Angry Host” DLP
Freak Flag Recordings 2015

THTX “The Flickering Sky” CD
Sulatron Records 2009

Vincent Black Shadow: “More Deeper” CD
Heartbreakbeat Records 2008

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Abysmal Grief
Interview with the Italian band

Common Eider King Eider
Searching for new words...

Interview with the German band

L’ Impero Delle Ombre
Interview with the Italian band

Mist Over Wormwood
A walk with ORD and Status Prod. (Part 1)

The Last Neanderthals

Reverend Bizarre
Interview with Albert Witchfinder

Rise And Shine
Swinging flares since 1993

Sandra Silver
A siren from the Italian Dark Sound

Interview with the Russian band

Second Grave
Interview with the US band

Sin Starlett
Sideway Warriors

The Black
Nunc Et Semper

The Lord Weird Slough Feg‏
Interview with Mike Scalzi

The Story of Death SS Part 1
Interview with Thomas Hand Chaste

The Story of Death SS Part 2‏
Interview with Claudio Galeazzi

Tony Tears
Demons Crawl... (Part 1)

Twisted Tower Dire
Interview with the American band

Vincent Black Shadow
Interview with Dan O

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