Earthling Society: Sci-fi Hi-fi” CD


Disarmed from the get go, the architects of celestial visions never fail to dazzle with their vast array of bubbly synth sequences, toe-tapping grooves and warm enveloping vocals. But this comfort zone is not impenetrable. Oh no. They are only too happy to conjure, challenge and contort with their honed craftsmanship. As the sense of floating builds in the aftermath of the title track, a saxophone punches through the space debris illuminating another shift in trajectory. Heavy guitars and far out frequencies shimmer above and pulse below as the fanfare parades gloriously on. EA1729 is a wilder sector prone to guitar freak outs and zanier synths each taking their turn  to flip and simmer the underside of your mind. Too much? Too late. There is no handlebar midway through this ride. The introspective “Lantern” is equally disturbing in its dark simplicity and the shift from pastoral melancholia to the cathartic close is sublime. Whistling, echoes and lush textures usher in another fragile dream. Somehow though, the unsettling undercurrent never quite evaporates. The darkness menaces at intervals only to be smoothed over afresh by the gloopy synths. But the tension remains. Cut loose one last time, the lead in to the finale leaves no doubts. This is the end. Magnified. Ah! Ah! Ah! Intensified. Ah! Ah! Ah! Unhinged minds. Ah! Ah! Ah! Annihilation. Deep bow…

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