L’Impero Delle Ombre: “L’Impero Delle Ombre” CD

Italy often proves to be the ideal breeding ground for dark and moody music. More is the pity that it rarely gains the recognition it deserves beyond its narrow borders. Sadly, this remarkable debut album will surely meet an equally cruel fate unless prejudice is cast aside. Simply put, if you are partial to a wicked brew of Black Widow, Death SS and Paul Chain then it is a must because this young band has absorbed a medley of progressive, horrific and metallic influences, which they have, in time, nurtured to create a haunting masterpiece all of their own. For example, the shorter “Il Giardino Del Morti” and “Rituale” are loaded with heavy riffs and a wealth of fluid solos fit to rival the greats. They are then sharply contrasted by the oppressive ambience of the elaborate “Ghost” and the unconventional “Tormento Ed Estasi” yet even these compositions are prone to shift between morbid organ passages, spooky whispers and all out guitar attacks. The pervasive singing, not unlike Paul Chain if he opted for the Italian medium, only heightens the inherent appeal. Every element has its place and is full of spirit. Do not miss this enchanting island in a sea of mediocrity.



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