DAUTHA: “Den Forste” Demo

If you happened to be one of those seventy-eight lucky gits who sourced the first edition you might just recognise the medieval leather-bound handiwork that adorned The Doomsday Cult and Griftegard demos. Yes, Ola Blomkvist is the common denominator and Doom, pure and agonised, is the order of the day. Presenting two songs that span approximately seven to eight minutes apiece, it is a small stained-glass window to their world. Just enough perspective for intrigue and speculation of what may follow. Ushered in by what appeared to be a nameless prelude, “Horkarlar Skall…” Is fleeting, acoustic and solemn. The weighty plod of “Benandanti” carries melancholia courtesy of a moving violin sequence. The guest instrument, if you will, returns periodically throughout the demo and it’s very welcome indeed. A touch of classy character. Beautifully sad. But that’s not all. There is depth to the songwriting. As this first song proper escalates to climax, the surge in speed is dramatic. Locked in, the musicians play for all they’re worth. The vocal performance particularly rousing and the violin doubling up as a rhythm guitar. Inspired. “Between Two Floods” lunges immediately into the heart of the song with further violin accompaniment. But it should be stressed that its role is integrated rather than overbearing. The recurring melodies here shape or reinforce what might be considered a chorus even if that is not the intent vocally. The guitar is still the lead and it’s presence is strong. Classic. Deadly. The shift up a gear towards the finale taut with tension as the double kick underpins it. Do not panic. Alternative versions must surely follow. More importantly, what will their seconding recording bring?

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