Longevity aside, this is only the second full-length album by the Italian trio, which might partially explain why their name has been vaguely familiar when their music is not. Ultimately though, this is a fitting entry point as three of the songs presented here were the focus of a string of EPs in the preceding years. Even without hearing those earlier renditions, it’s difficult to imagine that they might outshine their place in this exemplary body of work. Loosely based on “L’Inferno” from Dante Alighieri’s iconic “La Commedia” the band explores the emotional journey rather than attempting to recreate the horrific chronological descent with Virgil through the nine rings of Hell. That human interpretation of the poem is a personal triumph. The dual language approach to the vocal delivery also warmly welcomed. Totalling ten songs, three are dramatic narrations in Italian, the fourth a fiery instrumental and the remaining six largely clocking above or just below six minutes each. The album feels concise. The flavour is sombre, epic, anguished and exhilarating. Heart strings are pulled taut as tempos change. Piersabato Gambino and Claudio Del Monaco provide a strong rhythmic backbone, while Bruno Masulli, very much front and centre, sings with soul and lead breaks aplenty. Again, their classic sensibilities please without being too pristine or devoid of a rough and ready charm. From the opening charge of “L’Uom S’Etterna” to the growling title track, one before the last, the songs are full of it. “Voices of My Solitude” then feels like an apt close. Melodic. Reflective. Almost elated rather than haunted, eternally. The Epic Doom plane may feel largely desolate yet this a timely reminder of the pillars of greatness.

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