DARK ORIGINS: “Demo Transmission” MC


Retaining that DIY ethic, the Finnish quartet returned in a relatively short space of time with three more songs and the trajectory of this little red cassette shell is quite intriguing. Distinctly the same entity, the compositions have been pushed further with more depth and diversity. Both originals are at least ten minutes long with ample air to breath. Crawling along in a spaced out manner, “Days Are Numbered” is difficult to decipher although Alessio’s phased vocals still weave an unusual spell in contrast to the otherwise pervading heaviness. Ominous instrumental passages sprawl to the fore and disperse again. Then as the song meanders towards its mellow close, an unknown male voice whispers what I imagine to be a series of apocalyptic predictions. The calm spills into “Worm” with gentle guitar. Understated, the plucking gradually ushers in a new sun to melt the lingering dusk. When it does, that slow-burn is replaced with what may be their most direct Doom Metal foray. Drive and groove. A feat of rumbling drumming changes the course and the lead guitar closes with cool glide over the rhythm section. Facing the void again, feedback envelops all. Then, only then, comes the proverbial left turn with an unexpected rendition of “Sodomatic Rites” by the murky old Beherit! The driving riff of those fellow Finns is well suited to Dark Origins’ hypnotic tendencies. It’s heads down blackened menace with the drummer snarling into the microphone. Half-expecting an organ refrain akin to “From Beyond” it never comes and the transmission ends abruptly with no further fanfare. Where and when the next sighting will come nobody knows. But keep those radio channels open…

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