Interview: Krautzone

“Kosmiche Rituale” opens with hazy hallucinogenic synths. Their strength immediate. Then subtle bass lines lend calming weight. Shamanic drums tap and roll with splashes of psychedelic lead guitar rising overhead. Swelling and circling, the Mantric pulses will consume your body and soul…

Shed your robes, bathe your feet and  cast your mind back. You have dabbled with many astral travellers over the years. But what brought together this particular collective in the autumn of 2011?

Lulu: We just came together at the moon base after a Sulatron Label Night festival and then, spontaneously, we decided to make some sounds. And luckily we recorded it!


Describe in detail this Moon Base! How did it look, feel and smell?

Onkel Kaktus: A very comfortable space with 60’s curtains and a creative atmosphere. And the usual smell of cigarette smoke, amps and sweat (laughing)

Lulu: And lava lamps, mindblowing visualized moods, one pink wall, the beauty of all the instruments, smells like hash spirit! Ha, ha, ha.

What is your memory of the mood and flow of conversation up to the point where each cosmonaut took their place in the respective craters?

Onkel Kaktus: Everyone was relaxed, in a very good and creative mood! We just entered the studio, took our instruments and started to play because everyone knew the time was right…

Lulu: And Baba Lali did a great job producing atmosphere of 100% harmony so we were ready to take-off!

And in the true spirit of exploration, some swapped traditional roles! Axes were replaced with sticks or even relinquished for keys. Did this happen organically and spontaneously to further separate the moment from previous jams in other guises?

Lulu: It just happened. We did not control anything but the “thing“ controlled us!

Onkel Kaktus: We were totally caught in that magical moment…


The absence of speech was undoubtedly deliberate. How did this keep the experience pure?

Onkel Kaktus: We are soulmates, so we don’t need many words! 😉

As you swayed to and for in lesser gravity, did you retain visual contact or did you prefer to close your eyes, feeling and following the contours of sound?

Onkel Kaktus: We all closed our eyes and were a part of our sound the whole time. A really magical moment!

What was your highest high on the trip?

Onkel Kaktus: It was the support of our dancing mate Baba Lali! He was very inspiring during the session.

Lulu: Oh yes, the energy of the moment and falling into it…

Why was it painted in orange and black hues on the record sleeve? Might it be reminiscent of caterpillars, butterflies or pumpkins? Or representative of the shift in solar forces at the autumnal equinox when you met to harvest sound?

Lulu: Oh, thank you, my friend.. (chuckling humbly)

Onkel Kaktus: We all love the 60’s and 70’s design. Panton and Space Age. The cover artwork really fits the sound of the record.


It may be folly to speak of linear spheres. But having only shared forty to fifty minutes of said session, will more follow or is that glimpse sufficient enough to comprehend the whole?

Onkel Kaktus: More will follow! We have a great part of that session left and we have plans to release it in 2015. Be prepared…

It had begun to dawn on me that Krautzone was a once off time and place that could not or would not be attained again. That was until I caught wind of another record on the horizon. If this is not part of the same one, I demand an explanation! How and why did you go back?

Lulu: Well, it simply happened again… And will happen again be cause we are addicted to this!

Onkel Kaktus: We met to celebrate the release of the Kosmische Rituale LP and spent New Year’s Eve our way. No sparkling wine. No fireworks. Instead having another session resulting the Superkraut I+II

What is the essence of this “Superkraut” phenomenon?

Lulu: Again, the energy of the moment…

Onkel Kaktus: Well, it’s the same as everything else with Krautzone. We always have a good time and love improvising together. In my point of view, it‘s more than just another band. It’s like a family to me.

Tell me about your cohort bearing the Lamp of the Universe? Given that his past is laced with acid mantras, mystic rays and cosmic unions was it the most appropriate choice?

Lulu: It was a spontaneous idea because we all think there is a connection in mind to Lamp Of The Universe and back again…

Illustrate your personal interpretation of the “Doors of Perception” in any lucid manner you see fit!

Lulu: It’s the sound of floating water in the most beautiful inner landscape you feel inside your soul…

Onkel Kaktus: Yes, I always see mystical landscapes when I close my eyes and listen to the song. It seems that it‘s not from this world…


As my mind races through the past and present, I cannot find footprints on any stage. This is a travesty! Why not?

Lulu: It’s hard to book a gig which can be spontaneous! (laughing)

Onkel Kaktus: It’s always hard gathering the krautheads at the same time. But I hope we’ll enter a stage some day…

Altering mediums, if Krautzone was a film, what would it be?

Onkel Kaktus: Some kind of a 60’s / 70’s Sci-Fi movie…

Lulu: Sepia coloured!!!

I ask because two visual experiences have melded in my recent memory with the record. The first being the soundtrack to “Aguirre, Der Zorn Gottes” with the surreal trepidation of “Stalker” exploring the Zone? Coincidence?

Onkel Kaktus: It is long ago, since I saw Aguirre so I‘ll have to check out if you’re right. (laughing) But I’ve never seen “Stalker“ before…

Lulu: Wow, Stalker, a very dark tristesse you get stuck in… I would prefer Solaris!

Having chased you in endless circles, you are now free from my net! Parting words?



Danny Angus

November 2014

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