Reverend Bizarre/Orodruin: “Demons Annoying Me/Ascending Damnation” 12”


f ever there was a well-matched partnership to champion Doom Metal at its best then this is the one. Accordingly, the ambitious scheme rapidly ballooned from a 7” to a 10” before finally settling as a 12” single. Then again, that should come as no surprise as the songwriters are more than adept at penning grandiose songs. “Demons Annoying Me” begins with a thunderous staccato tapping of the drums before coming to rest at that ever-steady pace alongside the crawling guitar, booming bass and commanding vocals. The song strikes a path akin to the style captured on their debut album. But about half way along its course, some seven or eight minutes later, it takes a demented turn. The tormenting tapping returns, a schizophrenic alter ego takes the microphone and demonic laughing comes to the fore before the song spirals into all out chaos. Orodruin knows no master and has an altogether different take. The thick tones of “Ascending Damnation” have a powerful and uplifting air, which have been counterpoised with some smooth organ passages and Sabbathian solos. “Master, The Tempest Is Raging” gently rises from its fallout through the gliding voice of Mike Puleo before the riff is given full right of way. Shortly thereafter, the band harnesses their creative juices, the drums roll and they stride confidently into a land of their own. The cyclopean blend of guitars and organ will crush skulls. The young singer also lets go and teeters dangerously on the edge of his mind. And to think the band is even heavier live. Keep it coming…

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