Minotauri: “Minotauri” CD

The band has long since had the material yet was in dire need of a proper record deal to do it justice and at long last that debut album is here. Admittedly, many of the songs will be familiar to diehards like myself. But never have they sounded so heavy. This becomes all the more mouth watering when some of them, such as “My Way” and “Devil Woman” constitute the best of their back catalogue. However, it does not stop there because the new hymns, “Doom Metal Alchemy” and “Black Chakras” will simply obliterate your eardrums. Similarly, “Nuclear Siren”, which had only been circulated in live form, carries the weight it had previously lacked. The album, eight songs spread over forty minutes, is brief and to the point. But that is an inherent strength as there is no waste. Furthermore, the “Doom Metal Invasion” 10” EP, personally my favourite Minotauri release, the “Pain of Life” 7” single and “Paid Love” from the “Funeralive” bootleg ’02 have all been included as bonuses in case you missed the originals. This is a substantial anthology for collectors and novices alike. If fate is kind, a second album will not be too far away.



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