YSENGRIN: “Initiatio” LP

Celebrating 15 years of subversion, the Hermetic Guild has released their final dark metal opus. They reinterpret five tracks from their illustrious past, changing them profoundly, revisiting their arrangements and expanding their sonic palette without betraying any of that original essence. Of the four songs taken from “T.R.I.A.D.E” (the first demo from 2008), Saint Roch and his acolytes have added “Monumentum” (the “Archivum MMV-MMX” demo from 2010) as well as four wholly new compositions, including two ambient numbers recorded live with the hand of Frater Stéphane (N.K.R.T.). “Initiatio” is an ouroboros serpent biting its tail: the end is the beginning, and the beginning becomes the end. Trapped in this eternal cycle of birth, death and transformation, YSENGRIN offers a ritual dense of occult symbolism to be performed at the crossroad of virtue and vice…


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