Vårt Solsystem – “Världsliga Bekymmer” LP

Whilst not strictly a new name, the cunning translation to Vårt Solsystem from Our Solar System is bound to have thrown some off their tail. That will have been compounded by the fact that “Världsliga Bekymmer” is not available in digital form and as a result is still flying below the radar. Easily my favourite session by the mystical collective, it feels like two magnificent long jams although on closer inspection, both sides are comprised of five songs apiece. They just flow as a rounded whole and wash over the mind accordingly. Opening with an ominous air, the movement promptly becomes bright, breezy and expansive, the morning sun melting the last lingering shadows of twilight. After that prolonged peace, “Fara Å Färde” gives way to discordant keys, scraping, jangling and a plodding rhythmic pulse. Faintly punctuated by what might be some form of lullaby, it’s all very disconcerting. The pace picks up. A siren wails. Now at the heart of some rite, the sorcerers link spiritual hands and dance. Dancing and dancing. Faster and faster. Round they go. Their eyes locked on the sigil. Her voice soars higher as the cone of power is released. Without delay, a martial beat and an organ signal another spell of calm. Ushered in thus, harp and guitar glide to the foreground. Gracefully, they fill the space and soothe it completely. Bliss.

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