Reverend Bizarre: “Thulsa Doom” 7” EP

This may very well be the last in a long line of collectable singles before the revered trio calls it a day. Bearing that in mind, it seems fitting that the deluxe gatefold boasts two of their grandest and least experimental compositions to grace this format. The first, which was penned by Peter Vicar, opens with a series of groans as nails are hammered into crucified limbs. Thereafter, “The Tree of Suffering” is a pilgrimage through pain in their characteristic plod. Only an occasional drum roll and a barked chorus hint at the defiance still bubbling beneath the anguished surface. The second, which was penned by Albert Witchfinder, is bleaker again. His lament about “The Children of Doom” is punctuated by disjointed drumming patterns and this only accentuates just how slowly the words wilt over the guitars. Then unexpectedly, these forces meld and experience a surge of marauding energy. But no sooner has the wild gallop begun to stampede, it is spent and the former dirge resumes. But this is good old hearty and signature Reverend Bizarre fare. Who would want it any other way?

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