Reverend Bizarre: “Slice Of Doom” CD

Did you honestly think you knew everything there was to know about Reverend Bizarre? Well, think again! “Slice Of Doom” contains not only both versions of their demo, which received limited circulation in the underground, but also an early rehearsal excerpt and some compilation appearances, many of which were unreleased until now. That, in itself, may not sound especially striking. However, just wait until you hear the earlier versions of “Strange Horizon” or “In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend” because they are rough, raw and faster than you might expect. Then “Fucking Wizard” slithers agonisingly onward with a supernatural air before it launches into a charged Hawkwind flight. “Funeral Summer” is as bleak and heavy as the titles implies while the recitation of “Dark World” would have you believe it was the band’s own. Mind you, the impact of Saint Vitus is undeniable. Finally, live favourite, “Doom Over The World” taps into every rocking bone in their collective body and brings the collection to a spectacular close. If that was still not enough, it has all been wrapped up with detailed liner notes, associated illustrations and some early photos. With that chapter brought to a firm close everybody can look forward to what sinister plans they have been hatching since.

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