RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH: “Green Eyes / You’re Misery” 7″ Single

Local lunatics, Rabid Bitch, play often yet record seldom. More’s the pity because if you’ve not caught them barking, howling and spitting feathers on stage you might never discover just how lethal they can be. But after a MCD, a demo cassette in multiple editions and endless gigging, this vinyl first for a Greek label may be the means to start reaching a wider European audience.
Rumour has it that “You’re Misery” was originally intended to be the lead song although swapped places on the single with “Green Eyes” due to being less obviously pictorial. Not that it matters though as bands who still favour the format nowadays generally bless it with exclusive content rather than filler they hope to flog off the back of their most popular song.
In Rabid Bitch’s case, the band has  always written different songs with personality rather than being blinkered to a set style. As both cuts have been live staples for aeons they also have the pleasure of being immeasurably tight. “Green Eyes” might belong to the ugly punky end of the spectrum. It’s short, sharp and scathing. McDonnell screeches in a register dogs fear. Condie’s battery is relentless and Mulholland pulls off a solo at the very end to seal the deal. On the reverse, “You’re Misery” stampedes into action with rhythm changes left, right and centre. Whether it be the cutting riffs, pounding drums or the ridiculous number of words crammed into a single breath your heart and fist will be pumping. Nothing short of an adrenaline roller coaster, there is no real let up excluding the momentary start stops which only exacerbate the blood pulsating in your brain. Argh! For me, it’s a personal favourite and with a lyric sheet I can finally decipher the subject matter. No idea why it had always struck me as “Your Misery” rather than “You Are Misery” – best blame the Belfast accent! But in short, this is Rabid Bitch at its most rabid in a beautifully illustrated picture sleeve. Now would you ever finish that album, overhaul the live set and keep rotating the songs? Please?
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