Place Of Skulls: “Love Through Blood” MCD

Chronologically, the four songs contained within this EP belong to the “Nailed” period, and although denied an official release until now, they have formed a staple part of their live set over the intervening years. Evidently, they are coloured by spiritual sentiment, and perhaps for that very reason, they represent some of the most personal, powerful and moving material that Victor Griffin has ever written. “Consuming Fire” sets the tone. The music weaves gracefully between pensive verses and a rousing chorus capped with sincerely heartfelt vocals. Richer still, “Cornerstone” counterpoises acoustic and heavy passages to dramatic effect. Some may find the lyrics contentious. But the fact is that Place Of Skulls is open about belief and all the more edgy for it. “Days Of Trouble” stands out like a sore thumb due to its peculiarly chirpy flavour. However, the way in which the guitars build to a fluid finale is really quite spectacular. “The Blood Of Jesus” rounds the circle musically and thematically. Like the first pair of songs, it is gently stirring, even healing. This is music from the soul for the soul. Enjoy the EP for what it is.

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