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“Soaring beyond astral planes on waves of fuzzed guitars and whooshing synths, prepare yourself for a lengthy intergalactic voyage, as these two mind-numbing trips will take you far beyond the edge of the universe to realms where quasars pulse with cosmic light and stars collapse into supernovas of indescribable brilliance. The title track, an ominous spoken word space poem recalls the halcyon days of “Space Ritual” appropriately closes the album with a metronomic synth bleat and shards of flying synth effects. Mechanical voices, disembodied and cold with the polar froth of the interstellar wastelands, suggest that while the trip itself has been awe-inspiring, its final destination is disintegration in the heart of a black hole. A reminder that we are all just flotsam and jetsam in the great eye of the master of the universe… (Charles Van de Kree) Limited to 300 copies in full colour glossy sleeve with insert, this sixth album, their first on vinyl, was pressed and co-released by Pariah Child and Kommun2 in January 2010. Another instalment of far out improvisation for those who enjoy space travel…

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