Midryasi: “Midryasi” CD

This newly formed trio is comprised of neither pedestrian nor short-sighted wayfarers. They scale bizarrely warped musical landscapes that many would not even consider approaching. Their take on the English language bears an uncanny resemblance to Bobby Leibing during the Black Widow years, albeit with a somewhat unhinged state of mind, thus obscuring their native origins. An educated guess may, all the same, suspect that given such eccentricities they must be Italian. However, that fact is only of secondary importance. Opening composition, ”Hypnopriest” is defined by driving buzz-saw guitars, those demented vocals and hallucinogenic undercurrents. “Acid Darkness” retains the same rocking sensibilities yet is stranger still, much of which happens consecutively or simultaneously without being overly chaotic. Two fleeting digressions follow. The first, “Profound” echoes a strain of traditional folk music strummed speedily on guitar while the second, “Instru-Mental” is just that with the emphasis twisting round the latter part of the title. “Pacah” returns to steadier groove of the earlier songs with bursts of lead guitar and heavy bass occasionally bubbling to the fore. These wild and weird frontiers are pushed further again during “Clong” and “Centre Of Thunderrr” in no small part thanks to a series of distorted narrations, howls and clapping although sometimes those passages without words are more disturbing. Six of the seven pieces also form the core of their earlier demo bearing the same name. Where they differ is that this official release replaces another half dozen cuts with three from the Cave Improvisation. By and large, they mark no grand departure in style except for sounding a little rougher round the edges. But by my reckoning, if you are still reading then you have already resolved to give this unorthodox band a fair hearing and rightly so…


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