LEMNA: “Stray Lights” Bespoke Card CD

The debut album of Voronezh dark ambient / black industrial project Lemna. “Since time immemorial, travellers between dark trees and snags, see the lights far off. It seems, the flame of fires or light of the human dwelling will give heat and food to the tired traveller, but the closer the fires become, the heavier the way gets, the bog tightens more and more deeply. On the surface of the swamp, only quietly swaying duckweed is left; devilish sparks, as if the flames of a myriad of candles, twinkle in total darkness… The pressing atmosphere of hopelessness, inevitability, helplessness in the moment when water closes up over your head”. Drawling guitar riffs, the disturbing, howling, humming sounds of a deaf thicket and the swamp forest, skillfully mixed into a uniform sound by the leader of the project – Kha Vesh. The guitar recording and mixing of the album were made directly in the wood. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies, each containing dried duckweed. Place in water and listen to the audio, to attain full immersion…

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