Earthling Society was never content to stand still. Never. Digging deeper, harder and farther than most, the band has given birth to a further four records since they graced our humble pages in #1. The law of averages should demand a dip in quality. But can we find it? Join us on this quest and pray tell, can you? “Sweet Chariot” seems an appropriate description for the first chapter of their new book. Visualise it. The organic roll. The gentle ascent. A lush countryside sprawling for miles and miles below. Bathed in pale sunlight, the landscape shimmers as electric guitars wail. Entering the clouds, “All In A Dream” yearns for the pastures left behind. A serenade for a May Queen. Beautiful and serene. Nostalgia blurs and the picture fades. “When A Child Cries…” takes an Eastern hue. Steadily strummed and no less picturesque, the harmonised voices send a shiver down the spine. “… An Angel Sighs” and the sombre tone only just permeates the surface. Make your stand. The title track then comes in two long movements. Equal in length to all that came before. Any sense of whimsy cast aside. Dense. Buzzing. Palpable. This desert is vast. Squealing and fast, the onslaught begins. A terrifying assault. The guitars peel layer after layer of skin. Bone. Mind. Palm trees and the gentle lapping shore will save no scraps of sanity. Still, the cacophony comes. And comes. Even when less abrasive, it’s constant. Then out of nowhere, the shorter second piece, still almost nine minutes long, barrages the senses with alternative methods. Putting the rock back in psychedelic, the shredding guitar is let loose. Wah wahs are go. The bass and drums precisely locked in the groove. But like any accomplished chameleon, the shifting sands present a challenge with endless possibilities. What happens next, needs to be experienced, in full, real time. The journey from “Eddie” to the final close was genuinely unpredictable.

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