Carlton Melton “Pass It On…”

Hibernating through the long, dark, cold autumn and winter months, the quartet reconvened, rejuvenated, as a trio, in the dome again and on this second improvised meet the sound is huger than ever! Perhaps thanks to the experiences gained. Perhaps also thanks to the warm tone of the earthy vinyl.  And thus, the guitars erupt with a psychedelic flurry and when the drums kick in, there is no doubt about the heavy experience ahead. Synths swoop in and leads break left, right and centre. “When You’re In”, you‘re in and there‘s no stopping! “Found Children” eases back into that comfortably laidback zone that Carlton Melton charts with grace. Morning, noon or night, this is where the mind can stroll along the subtle guitar pastures amidst gliding synths and steady battery. Wrapped in a bubble, floating, take it all in. Jerked forward, “Off the Grid” jostles and collides with peculiar, almost menacing, machinery. Rattling and clicking, the robotic rhythm disturbs. But mercifully, it is not long before it is left behind. Flipping over, “Digging In” does just that with another mellow trip. Lush tinges of guitar and omnipresent synths lay the path. The drumming is firm and fresh setting a brisk pace. Finding that optimum stride, the lead guitars colour the landscape with vast strokes. Beyond the dome, feel the earth between your toes and the cool air filling your lungs. This is some “Fucking Funky Shit” again, right?. If that was not enough, “Sequoia” is mellower again. Deeply soothing, it massages the inside of your head, tickling, teasing and gently caressing the grey matter. Deliciously done, this is a platter you will come back to time and time again.


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