Angel Of Damnation: “Angel Of Damnation/Falling Down To Hell” 7”

Plucked from obscurity by an equally obscure record label comes a debut single by an unknown German trio thinly veiled by their initials. The presentation has a crude DIY flavour. The vinyl is orange, the lyrics have been printed on the vinyl label itself and the cover art is comprised of a series of photographs of a graveyard. Oddly enough, it could not be more apt because the music sounds old, dusty, almost forgotten and may even have been recorded in a tomb. The atmosphere is chilling, in part, accentuated by the distinct vocals of a certain Gerrit Muntz, and it would surely complement a gloomy black and while film. “Angel Of Damnation” in particular, has an antiquated narrative feel with the church bells and demonic voiceover whereas “Falling Down To Hell” has more of rocking swagger about it. But the guitar and bass sound on both songs unite to create a spooky vibe unlike their contemporaries. They become increasingly addictive to listen to and I, for one, would warmly encourage Angel Of Damnation to return to the studio. Keep an ear to the ground.

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