Abysmal Grief: “Foetor Funereus Mortuorum” 12″

With only two songs, a side a piece and weighing in around thirty minutes, it is evident that the shrouded quartet has dug deeper in the darkest graveyard at their disposal. The synths are grandiose and guitars especially dense. Without hurrying, there is an urgency, almost anger, in Necrothytus’ voice. The invocation is intense. Purposeful. Then everything fades. Only synths. A plodding funeral march. A rite begins. Repeating. Many voices. Over and over. Argh! What have they created? Flipping over to “Old Abandoned Tombs” may unsettle even sound minds. Be warned! This is no mere rhetoric. Regen Graves has crafted a disturbingly creepy cinematic soundtrack not unlike a mildly deranged Paul Chain privy to your deepest fears. One hand holds hauntingly long notes. Omnipresent. The other crawls marginally quicker. Like a spider, it weaves a web around your mind. The pattern strikes a chord. Paranoia. Pulsing. Panic. Swelling. Hysteria. Throbbing. Is there no way out of here? (Pariah Child – Masters of the Pit)

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