KAMA LOKA: “Kama Loka” Digi CD

With members of Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting (SKL), this excellent album is a little reminiscent of their “Orosvisor” LP and the sleeve is decorated with a similarly dreamy beautiful brush-stroke painting. If I were to attempt to place the proggy folk atmosphere, my mind keeps drifting back to Horslips “Book of Invasions” LP! Surely there must be some common ground in melodies and epic spirit?The makings of a classic and what also became a precursor to Agusa…“Of the five compositions, opening cut Skovsöen sets a mood of deep lonely Scandinavian woods. Slow tribal rhythms, plucked guitar and a second layer of psychedelic guitar, violin and a distinct, melodic lead vocalist carry the song. Whilst the folk music influences remains a distinct trait throughout, mostly by way of violin with occasional flute flurries, the dominant instrument on the next three tracks is the organ. A distinctly vintage sounding variety of the instrument it is, and when supplemented by plucked guitar, psychedelic resonating second guitar and psych oriented, vintage guitar soloing it comes closer to the likes of Bo Hansson if he had a folk oriented rather than a jazz-tinged one. But it’s this kind of early ‘70s sound, elegant psychedelic progressive folk rock, and an organ dominated variety of that most stunningly explored on the 12 minute long instrumental Gaanglaat Till Floalt (link below). Concluding track När Lingonen Mognar backtracks ever so slightly towards the opening cut again in style. The organ is missing on this piece, while layered male chants and a droning texture I surmise is produced by the hurdy gurdy is a constant presence here, supplemented by layered guitars and a spirited vintage guitar solo.” (House of Prog)


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